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配件: EcoFlow - Solar MC4 Parallel Connection Cable


EcoFlow - Solar MC4 Parallel Connection Cable

The EcoFlow MC4 Solar Parallel Cable connects solar panels in parallel to an EcoFlow power station (DELTA/RIVER Series).

Connects solar panels in parallel to improve the charging rate efficiency.

Required to connect 4 solar panels in parallel to recharge DELTA.

Required to connect 2 solar panels in parallel to recharge RIVER Series.

In the Box

MC4 Solar Parallel Cables ×2


Car Battery Charger

This jump starter from EcoFlow is a cable that makes it possible to start your vehicle via the EcoFlow Delta. 

First check the level of your EcoFlow Delta. Place the 12V cable in the output of the Delta. Then connect the jump leads to the 12V battery (red to red (+) and black or black (-)). The car can then be started.

In the Box

Ecoflow Car Battery Charger x 1

容易吸附在玻璃、車頂、屋頂和其他光滑表面,以便流動及於所需位置隨時給 EcoFlow 電池充電。

  • CHAINABLE (ONLY FOR RIVER 370): ECOFLOW RIVER 370 has two bidirectional USB-C ports. Each USB-C port can be connected to a Solar Charger simultaneously, recharging RIVER in just 3 hours on a sunny day.

  • WATERPROOF: The 110W Solar Charger uses a waterproof MC4 port so that you can submerge the panel in water for up to 30 minutes with no detrimental effect to the product. The Solar Charger is IP67 certified.

  • SAFETY BOX: EcoFlow designed a Safety Box to limit the voltage and current generated from the Solar Panel to prevent excess voltage delivery and damage your devices. ( Please be aware that the Safety Box is specially Designed ONLY for the MC4 to Type-C cable since the high current carrying capacity. )

  • LENGTH: MC4 to USB-C 5-meter Cable, use this extra length cable to take your portable power device undercover and prevent overheating while leaving the Solar Charger in direct sunlight.

  • Attention: Please check the positive and negative pole of your solar panel Solar connector carefully to make sure a right connection.

In the Box

MC4C Cable x 1

Brand EcoFlow
Size Length: 5m
Material Plastic
Miscellaneous For recharging RIVER 370 with MC4 Solar Panel


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