Gucci Gulity Love Edition Women Eau De Parfum 罪愛情人限量版女士香水 50ml/90ml

節省 HK$270


Size: 50ml
HK$500 HK$770
最後 4 件現貨


此限量版淡香水標誌著#ForeverGuilty誕生一周年,延續自主奔放的精神。Gucci Guilty Love Edition Pour Femme以東方水果花香的柑苔香氣,彰顯水仙花的復古氣質,為鍾情於此的香水迷獻上全新至愛。香水瓶換上粉綠色不透光設計,將香水盛載於內。





香水瓶以系列別樹一格的厚身玻璃打造,呈現嶄新的設計風格,一面以不透光淡粉紅色設計,而另一面則以光澤磨砂瓶身展示盛載的香水。瓶身飾有Interlocking G誌,更顯格調。

A limited edition eau de parfum marks the first anniversary of #ForeverGuilty, a continuous celebration of liberty and freedom. Dedicated to eccentric lovers, Gucci Guilty Love Edition Pour Femme reflects contemporary love—an Amber Floral scent that pays tribute to the vintage character of the Narcissus flower. The fragrance is encapsulated in a refreshed bottle design in retro muted pink.

Limited Edition

Top notes of Bergamot and Grapefruit, blended with a Watery Accord for a green and fresh composition.

Heart notes of Narcissus Accord and Violet, elevated by the tangy notes of Raspberry and Jasmine that enhance the scent's floral quality.

Base notes of Musks, Patchouli Prisma and Mineral Amber, adding softness and an intense wrapping sensation to the fragrance.

Crafted from the line's distinctive heavy glass, the bottle is presented with a refreshed design: one half in opaque muted pink, and the other frosted with a glossy finish to reveal the fragrance within. The Interlocking G logo completes the flacon.


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