Hugo Boss Hugo Green Men Eau De Toilette 優客男士淡香水 40ml/75ml

節省 HK$220


Size: 40ml
HK$140 HK$360


Hugo For Men優客男香適合處世圓融的現代都會男性,隨時散發出迷人的瀟洒的性格,非常適合在運動時使用,是一款休閒型的香水。

優客男香清新的柑苔果香調爽朗而舒服,適合香水入門使用者,前味帶入了葡萄柚、青蘋果、松葉、荷蘭薄荷 的清新氣息,中味的熏衣草、印度薄荷帶着率性又充滿自信的感覺,後味的毛皮與檀香讓人心靈舒緩,整體而言是一款流暢度極佳的香水,值得推薦給您!

HUGO Man fragrance is for men who want to live their life on their own terms. They are true originals, believing that rules are made to be challenged and personal potential should be explored to the max.

This scent will strike you with its original mingling of intensively fresh sea breezes and the masculine spiciness of its woody notes. The green, masculine base harmonises perfectly with refreshing aquatic head notes and the unmistakable scent of apples. Treat your fragrances to this irresistible scent. The top notes bring freshness of grapefruit, green apples, pine leaves, and Dutch mint. The middle notes of lavender and Indian mint have a sense of bluntness and confidence. The aftertaste of fur and sandalwood soothes the soul. This is a perfume with excellent fluency and is worth recommending to you!

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