SHIFTCAM SnapGrip Creator Kit 多功能相機配件套裝

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Minimalistic design SnapGrip for the feel of an SLR camera

SnapGrip is a portable, lightweight, compact grip that makes using your phone to take photos and videos feel more like using a professional camera. But don't be fooled by its relatively simple-looking construction. This attachment does a lot more than just turn your smart device into a camera that fits perfectly in your hand. The SnapGrip takes full advantage of the MagSafe function and thus replaces the docking station and charger.

The grip allows you to rotate the phone 180 degrees to quickly change from portrait to landscape and vice versa. You can also use it as a convenient stand during video calls. You will appreciate the fact that you can also charge your smartphone while working with it, especially when traveling and when shooting videos, which are more demanding on the battery.

Light up the scene with SnapLight

The SnapLight is a small LED light ring that magnetically attaches to your phone and/or SnapGrip system. It will offer you a total of four brightness levels. You can tilt the light in different ways and even flip it completely until you get the angle you need to perfectly illuminate the scene. In the middle of the light, you will find a small mirror that allows you to check your reflection and to centre it perfectly for a flawless selfie.

SnapPod mini tripod and selfie stick in one

This stylish magnetic tripod can work with your phone on its own, or in combination with the SnapGrip holder and the SnapLight. It consists of two parts - a tripod as a base, on which you just screw an extension with a magnetic system. This is a standard 1/4-20 screw mount, so technically you can use the SnapPod with any other tripod that has that dimension. And how do you get a selfie stick from a tripod? Simply close his legs!

Quick and safe set up with the help of magnets

The complete set or its individual parts are attached to the phone using MagSafe magnets, which are built into the back of the later generations of iPhones. You connect them with a simple click and then just use your phone's camera as usual. The connection is solid, and it will not be possible for them to be separated by mistake. You can easily remove them after the work is finished.
If your device does not have MagSafe, do not worry! The package contains a magnetic sticker that can be attached to the back of basically any phone and imitate this iPhone function.

Feature overview

  • Ergonomic grip for easy photo and video taking with a mobile phone
  • Possibility to charge the phone while taking photos
  • Ability to rotate 180 degrees to change landscape/portrait mode

  • SnapPod
  • A small portable tripod, folded to replace a selfie stick
  • Compatible with other 1/4-20 screw-on tripods

  • SnapLight
  • Flexible lighting for your images
  • 4 brightness levels
  • Mirror for centering selfies
  • Technical specifications

  • Each component can be used independently or with the rest of the system
  • Fast and safe fastening using the MagSafe magnet system or a magnetic sticker (included in the package)
  • 3 200 mAh battery
  • Compact dimensions, light and portable components
  • 簡約設計的 SnapGrip 帶來單反相機的手感

    SnapGrip 是一款便攜、輕巧、緊湊的手柄,讓您使用手機拍攝照片和視頻時感覺更像使用專業相機。但不要被它相對簡單的結構所迷惑。該附件的功能遠不止將您的智能設備變成手感完美的相機。SnapGrip 充分利用了 MagSafe 功能,從而取代了擴展塢和充電器。

    手柄可讓您將手機旋轉 180 度,以快速從縱向變為橫向,反之亦然。您還可以在視頻通話期間將其用作方便的支架。您會喜歡這樣一個事實,即您還可以在使用智能手機的同時為其充電,尤其是在旅行和拍攝視頻時,這些對電池的要求更高。

    使用 SnapLight 點亮場景

    SnapLight 是一個小型 LED 燈環,可以磁性連接到您的手機和/或 SnapGrip 系統。它將為您提供總共四個亮度級別。您可以以不同的方式傾斜光線,甚至可以完全翻轉它,直到獲得完美照亮場景所需的角度。在光線的中央,您會發現一面小鏡子,可以讓您檢查自己的倒影並將其完美居中以拍出完美的自拍。

    SnapPod 迷你三腳架和自拍杆合二為一

    這款時尚的磁性三腳架可以單獨與您的手機配合使用,也可以與 SnapGrip 支架和 SnapLight 結合使用。它由兩部分組成 - 一個作為底座的三腳架,您只需在其上擰上一個帶有磁性系統的延伸部分。這是標準的 1/4-20 螺絲安裝座,因此從技術上講,您可以將 SnapPod 與具有該尺寸的任何其他三腳架一起使用。你如何從三腳架上獲得自拍杆?乾脆合上他的腿!


    整套裝置或其單個部件使用 MagSafe 磁鐵固定在手機上,這些磁鐵內置於後幾代 iPhone 的背面。您只需單擊一下即可連接它們,然後像往常一樣使用手機的攝像頭。連接牢固,不可能誤分開。工作完成後,您可以輕鬆移除它們。
    如果您的設備沒有 MagSafe,請不要擔心!包裝內含一張磁性貼紙,基本上可以貼在任何手機的背面,模仿這款 iPhone 的功能。


  • 符合人體工學的握把,方便手機拍照和錄像
  • 可以邊拍照邊給手機充電
  • 能夠旋轉 180 度以更改橫向/縱向模式

  • 快照盒
  • 一個小型便攜式三腳架,折疊起來可以代替自拍杆
  • 兼容其他 1/4-20 旋入式三腳架

  • 閃光燈
  • 靈活的圖像照明
  • 4 個亮度級別
  • 用於居中自拍的鏡子
  • 技術規格

  • 每個組件都可以獨立使用或與系統的其餘部分一起使用
  • 使用 MagSafe 磁鐵系統或磁性貼紙(包含在包裝中)快速安全地固定
  • 3 200毫安電池
  • 緊湊的尺寸、輕巧的便攜式組件
  • 顏色:深淵藍

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