Mbarc 7 Days Weekly Pill Organizer 藥盒

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顏色: Steel Grey
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Not your ordinary pillbox. The mbarc 7 Day Pill Organizer features premium materials, precision construction and an exquisite design. Designed with seven high-capacity compartments, our pillbox easily stores small, medium and large pills like supplements, medication, prenatal vitamins, fish oil pills, birth control pills, and keto pills. Our 2.0 design has been redesigned with a closure seal for increased security.

mbarc 7 Day Pill Organizer 採用優質材料、精密結構和精美設計。我們的藥盒設計有七個大容量隔間,可輕鬆存放小型、中型和大型藥丸,如補充劑、藥物、產前維生素、魚油丸、避孕藥和酮丸。我們的 2.0 設計經過重新設計,帶有封閉密封,以提高安全性。


• STRONG & EASY TO USE: Opens with one hand, and when it is closed, it stays closed. Extremely strong. Go ahead, drop it, stand on it, ride your bike over it!

• BUILT TO LAST: Made with high-strength scratch- & fingerprint-resistant anodized aluminum sleeve, a durable BPA-Free polymer slide-out pill tray, a clever silicone sealing system & real cherry wood inlaid accents

• NEW & IMPROVED CAPACITY: Seven spacious labeled compartments to store and organize your pills

• THE PERFECT GIFT: Give a friend or loved one a unique statement of class and taste. Comes securely packaged in a custom box, ready for a bow!

• 堅固且易於使用:用一隻手打開,關閉時保持關閉狀態。極強。來吧,放下它,站在它上面,騎你的自行車!

• 經久耐用:採用高強度防刮和防指紋陽極氧化鋁套管、耐用的不含 BPA 的聚合物滑出式藥丸托盤、巧妙的矽膠密封系統和真正的櫻桃木鑲嵌裝飾

• 新的和改進的容量:七個帶標籤的寬敞隔間,用於存放和整理您的藥片

• 完美的禮物:送給朋友或愛人一份獨特的品位和品味宣言。安全地包裝在一個定制的盒子裡,準備好鞠躬了!

• WEIGHT: 120 grams

• DIMENSIONS: 6.5 x 1.95 x 1.25 inches

• MATERIALS: Anodized aluminum sleeve, durable polymer slide-out pill tray, clever silicone sealing system & real cherry wood inlaid accents

• 重量: 120 克

• 尺寸: 6.5 x 1.95 x 1.25 英寸

• 材料:陽極氧化鋁套管、耐用的聚合物滑出藥盒、巧妙的矽膠密封系統和真正的櫻桃木鑲嵌裝飾

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