Shimoda Action X70系列多功能戶外相機背囊

節省 HK$800





大小: X70
顏色: Black 黑色
HK$2,780 HK$3,580


Shimoda 專為喜愛探索世界的攝影師製作相機包。新款的Action X不僅是為喜歡攝影,更是喜歡挑戰的創作者而設。新款的Action X有以下更新﹕

  • 好多人想加入的水樽袋總於有了,而且兩側都有水樽袋/腳架袋
  • 頂部加入了Roll Top 設計,可以加多7L的容量,即30>37L,40>40L,70>70L
  • 所有尺寸的Action X都可以放入15寸電腦
  • 全新側開快取口更多大(X30/X50,X70是沒有側開快取口)
  • 各尺寸的Action X腰帶可以拆下來的(之前只有Explore 30的可以拆下來)
  • 新增可拆式頭盔網布
  • 更堅韌耐用TPU束帶助你更穩妥的放置不同戶外工具,如滑雪板、露營帳幕等
  • 更多掛件束帶
  • 新女性專用背帶
  • 更厚更舒服背帶
  • 可配合新款的V2 Core Unit 一齊用

一如以往,Shimoda 的背包都係用上最好多物料去製作﹕防水耐磨面料、YKK防水拉鏈、插扣等等,配合全袋多達15個口袋、內部不同分隔等細心設計、可調高度及舒適的背帶,Shimoda Action X 係市場上最舒適、最高機能的背包。


  • Anti-theft Rear Camera Access - Allows wide, unobstructed access to the bulk of your gear, and cannot be opened during travel except by the user.
  • Adjustable Torso Height - The X70 has 4 height options with approximately 10 cm (4 in) of vertical adjustment. This means the same backpack can fit short or tall — male or female — torso heights, ensuring a custom fit for everyone.
  • Core Unit Modular Camera Insert System - The X70 fits our DV (Digital Video) Core Units which are available in Large or Extra Large and offer users a larger, Cine camera set-up that’s ready to go right out of the bag. Wildlife or sports shooters will appreciate its ability to pack and protect a super-telephoto lens.
  • Expandable Roll-Top - The roll top can expand with a volume range of 7-liters so the bag can be adjusted to your gear needs while maintaining a tight and compact fit.
  • Sport-Friendly Design - With action sport-specific features like a removable helmet holder, ski fastening straps, hydration routing and extra durable materials to help protect the pack from abrasion, Action X packs are designed to perform seamlessly for photographers and filmmakers who like to be embedded in the action.

Weight:5.1lb / 2.3kg

Outside Dimensions (in):12.2W x 23.2H x 9.1D in. / 31W x 59H x 23D cm

Inside Dimensions (in):12W x 23H x 8.9D in. / 30.5W x 58.5H x 22.5D cm

Laptop Compartment (in):10.6W x 15H x 0.6D in. / 27W x 38H x 1.5D cm

Laptop/Tablet:Fits a laptop up to 16 inches


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